Sit Back.Enjoy.&Relax.

Summer Already.So much to do, so much to see. Alot to EXPERIENCE.Alright so the finals was alright i guess.Kinna hard you can say ,but yeah.Recognition was OH-SO-BORANNNG.. I wanted to leave but couldnt, PAT! you couldnt even go, how sad. Okay so like the day before i got to meet up with a close friend of mine ,haha paul S ,i had fun of course.

Going on ,March 27 !

coolio.That day was also the arival of my mom coming from Cali.But just here for a bit.Sad part of my day was i couldnt even go to the outing ,WTF.I really wanted to go but couldnt.My untie from Hawaii didnt want me to and so didnt my mom.Ohwell,there's always a next time right.Mkay so like me&siblings had only a week for fambam bonding.We didnt do much,but we enjoyed every moment.

March 31..


Wooooooooooow.That place was great ,a picture would explain a lot more but sadly all my pictures got deleted .I really enjoyed .Everybody was like there featuring our speciall guest Hoshi.haha.Ohyea i confessed to mother and now she knows you know what.Okay going off, we have stayed there for a long time ,seriously.My fingers were all so ewwish and so were my toes.BADWATER! Did i mentio their were milllions no wait i mean trillions with capital T Trillions of hotties. hillarious.I had a blast

April 2..

All aboard.

C.A.L.I.F.O.R.N.I.A ,here we come.
Well actually we are now here,aha.Anywho the airlane was awsome i guess.I took some pictures and will be taking more while im here.But will be uploading the once i get back to P.I ,well thats ot for now.