ugh,Its really sucks.

Those it Have to Suck this much. For me to have a hard time ,Going through this is like my stomach is running or that feeling when you go down the rollarcoaster.How long will this have to take. I feel so depress ,shit. The pain ,it hurts ! aha. Damn it , Damn it,Damn it!i would like to call this pain UGLY FLUE! more like the FUGLY FLUE.If you go through this ,youll know what i mean.

You Know how hard it is to:
  • Breath
  • Talk

Because of this bitchass flue.

I Cant even sleep well, my mouth is like wide open so i can breath.I just wanna shoot these freakin Snots out.Especially my coughs, it getting more worser. This flue is full of crap ,i swear.Where the fairy god mother when you actually need it?! Flue is toxic,beware nigg.