Ugh, its so cold over here in Cali. I cant live like this ,just to get warm i bet i need 10 sweaters on.aha.Ohwell ,ill try to get use to it.Besides im just gonna be here till june.I really want to post up the pictures i have tooken the past few day but silly me forgot the memory stick thingy majigy.

I want to do a lot while im here.My mind is so full of crap right now. This like one person is suppose to be going online but isnt ,WTFreak. How in the world are we suppoe to communicate, so yeah .What else?! we have like this cable ,called Comcast .I think i kinna sucks ,i cant even watch any of the other shows , it say i have to call 1-800-COMCAST. retardedish..

Im currently listening to Lovelockdown by kanye west.Haha , robotized? Weird.. RANDOM.
IDEEKAY, okay ima go off now.

Have a Nice day.And GodBless.