Missed Out.

Either this life is meaningless or its meaning is eclipsed by a series of events that satisfy just for a moment. But once your moment passed, your moment is the past. You don’t want Him to flee the scene cos honey, this ain’t a dream- it’s real. Life isn’t what it seems but seems to appeal to our appetite so just for a single meal we sell our birthright. Now that’s senseless- like trading in your motocycle for a dirt bike. Frustrated by the snares and the toils, parents annoy you. But truth of the matter is we’re arrogant and simply spoiled.

My weeks Been Officially screwed or i might of say FCKED up.But the rest was alright.Well its a saturday^ yah see aha.My day was gahreat&&kinna' painful in a way.ugh screw this.But yeah Hoshi brightened my day! aha,hella gay.Well my morning started off with a rise&shine pretty much(: ,around 7:00 i got out of bed.Few minutes after i took a bath.Afterwards i went to our 'bahay-kubo' up front and waited for my classmate to arrive.8:50 i left the house.We arrived ,hardly anyone was there WTF. Waiting is just full of crap aint it.We made the props and then painted it,my Freakin paint brush was such a tubby it couldnt fit,and because of that i mostly got paint in my hands.Its alright anyways its green ,cooolest color eva,in my opinion.

That afternoon, most of the martinians left to celebrate Myra's birthday over pyramid.Sadly i didnt go cause i was gonna meet with hoshi.It'll be funner right,and it fosho was.So after being bored sitting down me and carmela went to Magic Manaoag the gayest smallest mall ever.On our way there was paul and jecjec, those freakazoids are so selfish they couldnt even treat us ,so not coo' .The on our way out was them ugly people Aljohn,bellen,and paul(again).They went in front of us sayin to treat them or whatever im like DUDE?! i have no money plus why should i,then we left.

HELLLLER.The school was emty,but filled with some old peeps.Where in the worl did they go.Some said computer shop the others said to eat,does it take a kadrillion minutes to do that ,UMM NO.Blah blah blah,time passed and the more people arrived.

Then we continued evrything again&&i met with hoshi that afternoon(:

Greet me HAPPY B-DAY on MARCH17!,highly appriciated.
Pretay please&thank yous.Muahmats.

- candice