(belated) ,TO ME.

Aha, i really enjoyed my birthday yesterday.Everything was so up,like cool.Nothing was off track or some crap like that.So many people greeted me a happy birthday ,i rwally appriciate it though.SERIOUSLY!Especially to St.Martin ,my fellow clasmtes. haaaa.Thanks , thanks, thanks.March seventeen17 was hell of ah day,straight up nigg.

Well after school i have invited my friends and of course my boyfriend to eat over Chowking. But two of my classmates were left behind cause they couldnt go. Sadish much but it okay ,a greet is enough.It'll do.Most of all im so frekin glad Hoshi went too,i thought he couldnt make it cause we havent been texing for a while but yeah thank you Lord,you really made my day.Once we got to chowking we went upstairs,we were sitting in seperate tables,WTH. I wanted to sit with my classmates but i sat with hoshi of course && so he doent become OP right right.We had Larueete,or whatever you call it.It was mix with chicken,rice,pansit,saiomai,and those circle things. My dinner was Delicious.Too bad i forgot to eat the rest cause we were to busy taking some weirdass pics.

Well thats all the info i can give about my bday,and thanks again for the greeting .LOVE YOU ALL(:


The play was so GAY.the first year gets on my dam nerves with there humangous mouths.They never stop talking.I dont even know why they came and watched after all they didnt let us watch theirs, UNFAIR! heakkka.Ohweell, who cares anyways atleast they got out.aha.Well as i was saying, the play was really gay but had some good parts.I couldnt hear there voices ,actually some of them was alright. The only part i like eas the part when the guys start tacking each other,hillarious.

Mmmm,thats all for now.I feel so lazy tio type right know for some reason.
+ill be uploading pictures some other day. im kinna busy right now.
+Stephanie?!how do you add people on multiply? ahaha.wtfreak.