National Achievment Test (NAT)

FINALLY,thank lord. ugh, all this stress is beeing put away.Im so glad all these things are acomplished. Last is Finalls&&Clearance.Its gonna be all good.Few days from now it SUMMMA' babyy. Cant wait,A lot has happened this month Fo'reals.

Remember these Dates:

March 13-Grammmy bday
March 15-Helpers bday
March 17-cake me,im turning fourteen yay:)
March 19-Final recon
March 25-My antie from hawaii arrives
March 27-Mommy's here
March 26&27-Finals
March 31-Fourth&sixth grade GRAD!
April 02-Flight to Cali
April 03-Regines Flight
April 21-Justins bday
April 26-Hoshis bday:) ,Kieth also

Thats a lottttta.Well thats it for now.Blogg you some other time