Happy belated New Years .
I havent been logging on ever since ,so yeah.
Anywhoo , where starting everything FRESH from its start.

My Story ,the days before.
December 28.
Me and my brother got out of the house and went over to Lisci.We left the house around 4:00 in the afternoon.The only reason why went went there was to goto the Chrismas Ball that they were having. Nothing special though.It was crowded ,so i had to push out my way to get in. I really didnt enjoy the ball that much.Hardly no one shaked there BUTS.hahaha, but after a while there was starting to be a few people in the dance floor.I wasnt in a good mood cause me and yah fought but in text but after a while we were alright.It was around 10 or i think 11 ,i texted hoshi to go over to lisci so we can meet.And so he did.So yeah,at 12 we left to go back home.the end.

December 31.
WHOAAAAAA,new years already:)) .Time pasts by extremly fast.So ,our New Years was once again celbrated in the PI. Anf for the first time ,not celebrating with my parents.Sad isnt it.But ohwell i got my other family here with me.Around 10:00pm two of my cousins had arrived ,haha they were the first to get here.To excited much. We just watched tv for a while till we our driver got here. 11 we left the house to fetch our other realtive. So far we only had four with us. haha,then we went back home .It was really boring from the start but we mad some NOISE haha.we Sang ,danced ,talked&course ate. Our dishes were delicious yo. CLOCK SRUCT 12 .

HAPPYYYY NEW YEAR.wait wait wait,its only 11:46 .haha,deng you guys are hellof exicted man.It was freakin loud ,we had them cars beeping ,fireworks,screaming,singing,jumping all at the same time. I really enjoyed my New Years &&it couldnt been better. i just wish i was with him,ahem ahem.

*New Year Resolution:Wake up early,haha.