So yeah today is the second day of school sucka.&YEASSH, I LEARNED.hahaha, well im skipping all the way to the end. Me and my friend regine did the weirdest thing ever,and did it for no reason. Well we skipped our last period ,it was computer subject .we went in but there were no vacant computer so we just went out. We went to the classroom and....

Me:Oh shit were cleaners today right?
Her:Huh ,we are?
Me:Yeah ,its tuesday.

After we cleaned the whole classroom ,with no help at all. We sweeped,arranged the desks and cleaned the board.I went up to the bulletin board and cheack who were the cleaners, im like these freakin people should thank us for cleaning for them.Then a few minutes later we were done cleaning.Regine went to the bulletinboard and checked the cleaners also.

Her: BITCH, were WEDNESDAY CLAENERS. not tuesday!
Me:What?! no were tuesday
Her:You can even look.
Me: HOLAY CRAPNES. we are wednesday cleaners,

Dengit, we just cleaned for no reason.hahaha:) that was really retared thou i swear.