ohhh YAY.

Oh yeassh,sa wakas ng kita ulit kami. Haha ,sempre monthsary.Doyynes.
December 27.08 ,was a very tiring day for me.First was the baptism, hey im ninang GO CODY!
Then was Reception ,thats the time when i got to see him again. Pero walang pansinan,you should already know.

After we ate and rested me,and my cousins went to treats.We did things we shouldnt have done.But honestly we had our shot, gets. I meant we drank alchohol ,But it was ladies bear .Girl version of GSM. I had Citrus Chill :)) gosh that was tasty

.Hahaha, anywhoo enough with that. Ahm ,after that we went to Magic Manaoag the NEWIE popular STORE that will be filled with peeps all day long bayybay.I just bought a bench perfume ,cause i was all out.Then i went back to treat with my brother and cousin and waited for hoshi to get there. As we waited we just sat and drank juice.

Brammma,He was there.So i saw the look on his face& i really didnt kno if he was in a good or mad mood.After everything was setlled i went to hoshis lolo's house for the second time. Guess who was there, his relatives and unties. I was super nervous to meet them though, i was in shock. Mkay,so i noticed that everthing was going alright SO FAR. They were like interviewing me,haha poparatzi yo. Around 4:30 went back to manaoag to meet up with my brother again. Skipping to the end,after all that shiz we went home .THE END:]

Once More ,HAPPY MONTHSARY HON.I lauve youah.