Might as well..


KICKITS.Okay. I haven't been able to a kickit lately. It hella sucks though. I mean like with I miss kickin' it w/ them faggets. I MISS KIM! We need her enthusiasm .

LIFE.Mkay, last but not least, life. So, life in general is okay. I'm not worrying about the small things. I'm focusing on the bigger picture. No more games, because this is it. Once I step onto the campus Of Juniour year, that's when my actual life begins. 8th grade to me is more of a preparation before we enter the "real world". I'm not going take my life for granted. Because we only have one life. And I'm going to live my life the right way. I'm not going to waste it just by being a bum and going no where in life. I'm going make something to myself. I know what I want and where I'm headed in the future. Soo, yeah. Life is good. :]

BOYFRIEND.I have the best boyfriend. What more can I say? He's perfect. Well, he is to me. He's hella sweet, understanding, and supportive. I've spent almose 2 months of my life, so far, with him. He always knows what to say. He loves me for who I am, not for looks or the material things. We love eachother because we make eachother happy. That's what relationships should be about. Honestly, I have been taking him granted and I know that I don't want to lose him. I wouldn't have known the good thing that I had, til' I lost it. And I don't want to lose him. Because I guarantee any girl would be hella lucky to have him.. So, one my biggest resolutions is to be a better girlfriend. I don't know how he can deal with my bitchassness, & mood swings. It's amazing that he's been with me through all of my stupidity. We've had our ups and downs, but I think we both worked through them and realized in the end that what we have is special and we're not going to just throw it away because of a stupid arguement. I love him with all of my heart. Forreal'.

SCHOOL.Okay, so I'm trying to maintain better grades this semester. I can't remember which, but they're both bad. So, yeah. Mostdefinitely, I'm going to stop procrastinating this year. Because this semester is like hell of important. But school, isn't a very big concern at the moment because I'm doing pretty good. Welll, Science is a concern though. Yeah, that's not good. Ill prolly see if i can get some extra credit or something. But errythang else is alll good.

+Our weather is lik2e FREAKIN freezing me to death,especially when i take a shower in the morning.

+Its almost XXVVI:))

+Grades are really getting up

+them kickits should be schuedueled thou.haha anytime?