It just wont go, wont it.

What a BINGBONG weekend. Hella dramatic at the same time.Weel ,the unexpected shit came along one again.Gosh,i swear i hate when that happens.So basically im talking about the thing thang thing that happened to me&&him.Well last night or the whole day we got into a fight .But i started it cause i have found out things that i really didnt want to know about .it really turned me off.So that night ,we met at treats unexpectdly. i had no idea he was even gonna go there.After a while he went home too,then he texted me saying blah blah blah ,you dont need to know. But he was really sad thou, cause im saying things but not letting him explain. So i let him talked , theses things iv heard wasnt all true except for one.

Atleast now i know he actually loves me cause he confessed. I never saw this coming at all. Nag ayos din kami,so ok lang kami ngyon .SO FAR.

All i know is i really love him,and nothing is gonna change that ,i promise.I hope this time nothing will not get out of hand.ITS STILL ON :)).