Its been a while, yess?So lets get updated.

What a day, its was so freaking shitass awsome. Basically we were doing this activity for T.L.E .We cooked ,its was really cool thou. I enjoyed,well the whole thing was to show a good impression to the judges. In the four groups three students are suppose to go to the market to shop for the ingredients& shit like that. and after they come back we are not allowed to go out again ,and if we did points are minused. sucks much right. We had chapsui,adobo,soup,and my favorite Melon shake, it was so freaking good forealss:)) . Around 12:30 we had everything ready and the judges were arriving. Wow, they took so long to eat haha we were getting hungry.Well yeah i think we did ayyyok. So TIRING but fun at the same time.

WHOA, that day was exicting. i had a family bonding with the boyfran. i realy like his family thou. there welcoming ,really needed. Around three in the afternoon me and his unties visited the church,it took a while. after, we went to magic in mangaldan. haha i went grocery shopping with them i found it sweet:) .afterward we went to lolo's house and made homemade pizza .tita franz just made the sauce ,alex&angelica chopped veggies ,me&hoshi did the rest.after a while we finished ,then tita put few of the sanwich pizzas in this weird looking oven no offence.it took five minutes i think , i took a bite and OMFG it was delicious i swear.I hope we can do this again anytime.hahah, i love him so much.when im with him i get this feeling that i never felt when im with another guy.This might be the right one.

ill blog tomorrow again. tootalloos.