Keep It Up:)

Happy Monthsary Hon.

Iv been with my vamper for two months so far. ever heard of FOREVER NA TO, believe it? for right now i kinna do.Of course who wont, haha. We had our up and our downs but hey who doesnt right.I Know iv been with him for only two months but i really think it CAN work out.Hopefully. Out of all my shitass x's i know he aprriciates me,obvious ba.haha, he always wants meet with me like every after school hour ,weird in a good kind of way.But yeah i find it offtop sweet relish.And i really like his family ,there really fun to be with.ahahah, ohyea this weekend they are taking a trip to fontannna for three days and two nights so they are like asking me if i can go ,my mind went blank and i had no idea what i was going to say so he said mg papaalam muna kami. Like i will ,kidding.But i dont even think they will alow me ,you kno parents these days ahem.I realy want to go but sadly i cant ,maybe some other time.What else to talk about, hmmm? im going blanko right now.Well ah yeah, lets go off topic.

Blah Blah Blah, hey hoe lets go.Wow ,its almost summer my favorite weather whew.Where is my one way ticket to cali babyyy!Our flight is either on april one or eleven until june somthing i forgot. But i think its official, im so freaking ecited like poo coming out of a ass:) ew.I want to meet SUMMMMMMERRRR09.

what to know my new word ,it is Bitchassness.haha i find it dumb. hecka.