Viva la bam bammm.

For the third time, were taking a trip to Las Vegas Nevada.
Pictures?go to ,mkay.

Anywhoo April 30 was the big day, Hours past quickly.Okay so we left around 11 pm. With five cars.I know, thats a lot right.I counted and we made six stops ,ahah. Someone's got a peeing problem ,and i got myself over flowed. You know what i mean.

We arrived around 9am. And before anything happened we made a stop in Mcdonalds for breakfast.I had some pancakes, it was delicious but i sadly couldnt finish it. Afterwrds we left to go to the Summer bay resorts las vegas. We waited and waited.But it took them so long to clean up our suite so we planned to go to the was 3 miles from the resort.Apperantly when we got there the freakin gprs lied! aha, it wasnt a mall it was WALMART! ohwell , who doesnt love walmart with their " always low prices ." haaahs.Then , after shopping we strolled around las vegas ,and the views were fantastic. Especially at night.After all that shiz we went to the resort. The suite was awsome, i hella love everything about it.If you were here you'd know how i felt bout the resort.Its just so amazing.

That night ,around 9 pm we left the resort and strolled around Las vegas again.It was fun, but it would've been better if we were walking.But sitting in the car was alright i guess. Then after going around we went to circus circus ,just to play games hahha, its sad that we couldnt go to ceasar's palace.Hours passed and we left circus circus.We were looking for a place to eat. And we just found the perfect place, the foooood court ! ahah,me and my mom chose del taco and the others chose panda express. DELI(: . blah blah blahhhh, then we went home.

Next morning, which is today wasnt so fun after all.Where just stuck in the resort cause its way too hot to go out. But my dad,brother,and uncles went to some theatre to watch the fight of pacquiao and hatton fight. I wanted to watch but the tickets was out of our budget so i stayed in the suite, besides my daday is gonna give me 30 bucks.ill rather have that instead. But if it was like in a real boxing arena ,i would hecka wanna go but its not.The tickets is just to expensive.

Tommorrow were leaving, NOOOOO! i still wanna stay but cant ,my parents needs to work.haha.Before we leave were making a stop in the mall, and i certainly want to buy something so yeah.

Kayyy, im tired of typing now so ttyl.Dont forget, if you want to see pictures just go to my multiply account ,but you gotta add me if you want to see the rest of my shit.