Snip Snap Clickity Click.

Finally, i had my hair snippy snapped today.The cut wasnt the way i wanted it to be but i guess it looks alright , but a little to short thou so thats the problem im facing right now.I just hope it grows atleast a little longer before school starts again.If your wondering where you can see pictures just go on my multiply ,your choice.

Besides that , tommorow is our bonding trip or w/e you wanna call it.Sadly the trip is only to Las Vegas , Wuuuhuuuu! pshh, like thats gonna be any fun.Before we even arrived to cali there plans was a bond trip to Disneyland with cousins and stuff but to bad my parents i mean dad changed his mind and chose to go to Las Vegas , Viva la Bam babyy.Ill try to have fun thou. On the plus side its a million time better to be there than to stay at home right!

I wont be on for four days probably. Ill take pictures, dont worry man. AHA! well byebye for now.