Hey Silly.Miss Me?


Hey dude.It's been a while right.Miss me ADMIT it foo'.hahaha.
So whats been goin on ,of course so much.

JuniorSenior Prom.OHHMAAAFCKNGASH.I was so jelllers of the third year and forth years that night .I cant wait till our prom though ,bongang bonga!hahaha:) .seriously though i cant wait but the sad part is our prom is still like million days away. But watching them was alright.I actually had some time with krabby patty it was fun.To bad i wasnt with hoshi that night,he was family bonding with his family in fontanna.Which i was supppose to go to but didnt.Maybe on April 2 ill try to go. PROM'10 here i come.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARMELERSS! hahaha,Feburary 26 was her day to shine but no one actually noticed her i guess she wasnt that bright. Insider.. Okay ,her bday was totally boring. There was like nothing, she couldnt even treat her friends. So meanish of her. GRIN! ohwell, its alright there more birthdays to come anyway. it'll be wayyy more better. ohyea dont forget to greet me on my birthday peoples on MARCH 17.cake me mmkays.

Okay so iv been with this freak for three months already yay.Time went by extremly fast, 27 days from now where four months aready.But that day i really didnt enjoy because we didnt get to spend time with each other.right after school i went straight to treats with regine.I didnt even know if we were gonna meet or not.But iv been waiting.Well its his fault anyways cause he should of asked someone if he can text.Cause that day i havent recieved a single text from him because he didnt have load that day,sadish:( . Wouldnt you be pissed though. Gosh,but its alright because the following day i found out he was actually looking for me everwhere but didnt spot me. I was amazed ,heela.And that following day he spoted me in front of the school too. So yeah i was really happy.I thought we werent gonna see each other though ,but i thought wrong.Hoshi,i love you so much.I cant explain why,just remember i love you for who you are.

Whoaa ,4th midterms already. gahhhh,times has been way to fast.But HEYY, midterms already finished. Lets just focus on the bright side. But NATS&periodacals are coming up sooner or lattaahs. More studying! ughhh, kakatamad talaga.School's been treating me really gay these days. There are so many assignments&&projects my golly gosh.I cant handle it ,But ill try to. :D

Lego My Tickets.
So last wednesday my parents have already boughten our plane tickets to California.Well my ticket is just a roundtrip,and my brother and twin sisters is a one way ticket.WHOA.It was a really big and hard decision to make ,if i were either to stay in california or say in the philippines.And i chose Philippines.The reason is because i love hoshi so much i cant leave him, awwww! So corny,but its true.I just love him in a million ways:).ill do anything for him,as long as we last. i hope we do.But WE BETER or ill kick his big but.haha


DUDE?! nats test us coming up. oh my freak-a-leak.I hope ill do good on this one.
Well i will.hahhaa,i doubt that it will turn out bad.CAUSE IT WONT, right lord.I kno ,i kno. No need to tell me:)).