an unexpected SURPRISE:)

The family bonding yesterday was kinna not cool.FREAKIN tiring. Gosh,but happy cause i have boughten 2 tee-shirts one pink with bloo saying what everrr! and this yellow one with different types of sayings&& some converse with black and white stripes.Okay so it took eight hours, i know i know weve been there for so long but iv bought less things. HELLO! what in the world was i suppose to do if i only had a budget of 1000php.NOT ENOUGH,beg my parten my dearest parents. But thanks,i appriciate it lots. lalalauve youah:)) .Mkai so it was around 7pm when we arrived home. Suddenly iv recieved a text message from hoshi. He asked me if i was home ,cause he was gonna come here but just quick because he was gonna tell me something.Curiously replied ,WHAT why.Gabi na no bukas nalang.But still my hard headed borfriend 'hahahah' came here when i spicifically told him not to. But actually im glad he came cause SURPRRRRRRISE,he gave me 3roses,chocolate box of samba and two delicious cookies n' cream hershey bars.OMFG, isnt that like totally sweet of him right. So yeah thanks hon,i was soborn to tell you i love you.