Time Went By Fast ,arryties.

Well what up with skoo' is Teachers Day nigga&newly weds:))

Teachers Day
Ok so i finally went to school that afternoon.HA perfect timing fo'reals.I think it was kinda weirdish and funny especially loud of course.GOLLY,our class was like so NOT prepared for this shiznat. It was boring but in a good way. We had the ups.So after school hours me and regine went to stop by at the church.We went over the bulletien board where there were like pictures or advi what so ever. There was this one picture with the Bros ,one of the head was just atached HAHAHAH! it looks way to weird wow. And right above it was God holding a cell phone HILLARIOUS . OMFG,i kinna weewee on myself a lil'bit. shush.hahaha everybody has there crazy ass moments right.

The following day,it was a day off for the hard working students ahem ahem.So the reason was because sir chris,Kuya bernia&the librarian is getting married dude.Yay for them.Well yeah. Thats it for now. Farwell to you:))