I set my alarm. &i woke up to the sound of music. for some reason, i was hella feeling at the top of my game. well, yeah truthfully, i never felt like that inna long time. I needa get my thaangs together. on the plus side, I finished things that had to be done.hmm, well i’ll finish this first. so , today i went to mass for the first time of oh-nine. yeahh, im slackin’ i know. well, atleast i went right (: ? my heads itchy. ohhhh ,

friday night was coool.so, we had that ceremony thing. it was cute (:. and I ——————- across ————— because ————. There ya go! Hahha , it was loud . thou it wasnt my hardest.

&&We have like this play thingy in Filippino. FLORANTE at LAURA.
we actually have to make the play, own lines.FOREALS tho.NO LIE, we might enjoy.Im one of the props cause i really dont want to do the acting shit.Bright side, this will be the best.