So i just recieved a message in my myspace.saying :
Hi Candice, as you know jehns cottilion is on sunday here and today is friday, and i was wondering if you can make a short video and put it on youtube and send me the link to show to jehn at her party, and i would need the video by tonight, sorry its late notice, but i need time to edit it, so yeah, jehn would really appreciate it and so would i, so yeah. take care.
Im like DUDE,are you freakannn serious.We didnt have any time left cause when i read that message it was already 12:45 . you know the time difference right, basically i didnt have any clue bout hat i was gonna do ,frankly i didnt have my didgi cam with me cause i lended it to my cousin a few days ago. but good thing i had my brothers cellphone ,with his unlitxt still activated. i texted my cousin and told him i will go over there house a fetch him.
We went home after, we waited and waited . I took a shower before we took the video .First we ate befor we started anything. but then a gian we took a seperat video of my antie&lola.
few mins ,we finished eating. We went inside into the sala.Then we were reviewing our scripts.hahah.
*Watch these videos.Its hillarious:))