Todays Fact .

The christmas party wasnt as i would expect it to be. especially about most of the peoples wordrobe, there were fancy,simple,wierd,and cute. PROPS to the orangy type ,haha PATT! her outfit just blew me out. I realy loved it thou. To the highest level.

The flag ceremony was finished we went upstairs as usual. We had nothing to do except for conversating with clasmates and sitting down. i couldny help my hunger so i went outside the school and bought some fries, it was delicious . few minutes passed ,me and my friends went back upstairs and still nothing to do. we went the the ladies room ,blah blah blha. we found our clasmates outside near the canteen already starting the game. That was was freakin gay cause someone stole my comb. gosh .

After we went back upsatirs as a class. The first thing that maa'm let us eat was the hawiian pizza , i really love that toping. then was the icecream ,it tasted like ube with cookies and cream kinda mixed with it. after ,was the rest of the dishes.The food was all tasty.

Then again the party was done. Me and reg went to urdeneta to meet up with this one guy ,nagliligaw sha ky regine. hahaha,whoaness. we been there for like one or two hours. we went to pyramid after ,it was only a few people .to bad we only stayed there for a bit cause regine didnt want to swim . geez!so we went to bayan instead.

The end. hahaha ,thanks for baring with me.