Boring much.

So yeah students day was a BLASSSSSSSSSST,

i would actually expect less then what happen today.i had a little fun when i was hangging out with mahh jer, ate jaque. long story short ,first was the popcorn when regine thought it was a fly , second was with the juice when jerk asked for a little but she poored alot third was when i laughted when i had juice in my mouth ,haha i unexpectedly spit out juice on ate jaque. at least it wasnt on her face .would of been funnier too.

Later that afternoon i didnt atend the mass .it was a scarafice for thee boyfrann.
hahah they said if we didnt atend then we can go back home&go back to the city around six'oclock .so then we did i of course met with him.

that night was awsome.