Wow ,foundation day wasnt as i was expecting it to be. goodness,i had to walk during the parade with my makeup on haha.that was hillarious though. i didnt really like the part when people hardly noticed who i was .hellof harsh in a way but funny.

after the parade i walked upon the waiting area to get my suff. me and a classmate of mines went to the ladie room to get changed ,but we had no idea if we were suppose to change alredy or not. so we waited for our other classmates. when we waited there was more people going to the bathroom ,damn.im like i should of changed earlier instead.so we waited and waited ,till the rest of them were leaveing to got to the pilgrims.there were becoming less people so we went back to the ladie room. we changed but finished like after 20 mins.

after we went to the pilgrims.dude,i was hella afraid to go there with what i had on.haha;]
but owell.it was a group of us who went .then blahblahblah we danced.the freakin spot i was in had i deng hole on it so i couldnt danced well .really suck thou.people were even saying that it looked like i wasnt moving during the dance ,but wtf i was.besides how in the world can i dance with a deepassh hole where i was in.

++++++our periodical is only on minor subjects. yehhhoo.