heyyy,it was preeety awsome day today.we went shopping and stuff like that,i bought me some green pants which looks hella dopadope:) .we ate at greenwhich family sized pizza ,you feel me? haha,of cors the hawwiian one off top thou.our drinkss were so "sociall" .ZAGGU babbay! haha i had the pearl milk tea kind ,yummmys.oh and thank yous reg for paying fer the pizza except for me and kim contrubuting 50ech ,no props for that.dude, the only things that i bought was pants&perfume.ugh that sucks atleast kim got to buy a phone ,looks heka coool.i cant wait tilll my parents are comin back from cali cause ima buy me a phone .haha,deng im exicted like a lota.we didnt go to mangaldan ,the losars wanted to go to the plaza in manaoag insted,it was freakin boring there geez we only sat for like what a caziillliooonnn hours and do nothing except watch guys skate.hhaha,wow.well more to come.seeyah '