long time?

yeah,its been a while.haha,more like three days or four.well,anyways the past few days has been okay dokay,ecept the part when we freakin lost our cat whatthefoo.its was weird cause there was a cat that was traded in with our kittykitty but guess what that cat that came out of nowhere is soo GROOOSSS,like ewwness GOD,he or she whatever it is like EWWW period.....hahaha,todays dinner was fooounay man,when the weirdo cat when near me im like eww look at its eyes it looked meesed up ,the my grandmas like "its a nigger" the whole table starts laughning.hahah,but it was occword how my granny said nigger.oh + our dog bit my thumb geez it really hurts.ughhhh,what elsse .saturday is our recollection yay.ii already met reg's crush dayyum.hes so hurl .hhaha no offence.guess what i found out about pattypat,kuya carlo is like hiting on herr,whoaa.the cocolate and vanilla is reunited,ahhaah.ugh so i can think of anythingelse ima just stop typing.