well,this is my first,so yeah.hahaha,anywhoo today was so not cool.ISWEAR my cousin gets on my freskin nerves like it helllla drives me whack&sh*t like that.soo,i saw so many people attend the mass today ,awsome.when they where bringing mama mary around i only went half way haha whattheF ,it was raining and i wasnt in the mood for walking.after we went to 711 course we ate what do you expect,we took a dump,duh.mmm,we went to treats afterwards,i saw my untie and my gayfagg cousin+regine the loooosar.whoa i noticed i went to bathroom alot today,hella random thou.what else,oh yeah i went to a birthday partayyyyy but i had no idea whos birthday was it hahah.dummbo,then i went home+went on the computer.well i guess this is it,byeeeers.