the END

ugh,today was a rough day,i swear rumors pass by really fast.but why?someone tell me, glad we cooled off already cause everything was starting to get outta hand and shiz like that.he thinks i played him what the F***,i never did that to a guy and neva will,so understand the fact im not a person who uses people,unlike someone out there.i hope tommorow will be a good day,but i know it wont cause he spreads things so fast about us in a snap,thats cruel.i dont want another again,is it possible thou,hahaha'nahhhs.this blog is like writing in a handy-dandy noteboke,HEY im steve(: .soo,days will pass&things should get better.i really want to get on my lessons &be tight with it,cause ever since this started you kno what i mean,i felt like my gardes are falling back,dannng heka harsh man,.mmm,the only good thing that hella made me happy was when i didnt have to report today,haha im so freakin retared i heka thought my report was today in science but noooo it wasnt,i did my research for nothing gosh.well thats it,taahs.