Time UP!

Times up and its the end of this.

I never thought this time would actually come. We worked our asses of for this relationship.We went through a lot of drama , but we fought through it. We were different from others, we did everything we could just to be with each other.&& the part that i actually loved about this realationship was when we both introduced one another to our family.I will miss your titas cooking and most definatly lolo.But im truley sorry for what iv done. i didnt want to end this but i just wanted some space.Your message on YM really pissed me off. Im accusing your mad , like extremly. Cos, when i said i needed some space your reply was ' your not an astronut in space. duh!!!!! ' . i really dont know what does that have to do with what i said. But hoshi , i hope you can actually understand me like a mature guy would do.I dont wanna play games, lets just get through with this and that means were definatly done for now.I dont even know if your worth it after all , my mind went blank.

"cge ayosin mo na lang mag isa.. kaya mo yan.. wala naman akong ginawang kasalanan e.. hope na mag enjoy ka jan.. alam ko na ang lahat ngyon... bye"

^ okay theres a message that can absolutly turn you down right. After all youv said FUCKK NO im not gonna fix anything .Enjoy?pshh , i will with out you. And i hope youll regret what you said.Plus what the hell do you know? gosh , you cant face a problem like a real man. You should learn how. Itll do good for you ,swear.

So heres m side of the story.

The only reason i did this was cos i just wanted some space. Is that even wrong.I didnt want to do this but i had no choice but to break up with you.I know an apology wont do any good but its all i can say for now.I dont wanna fight, cos im scared we wont even talk at all if we do. But i hope we can still be friends or maybe good friends. After 5 moths hoshi, i loved you so much. Your like that dream guy iv ever wanted. But i know your hiding things from me and dont even deny it. First few moths you told awful lies and never admited , i was hurt .But i was so darn stupid to get abck with you. But the most dumbest shit i did was to cry over you ! there more from where that came from .. but this is all ill be letting out . BYE.