Viva la bammm.

Ohhh hey, boxers are really cool to wear. No wonder boys always be wearing them, aha.Okay so like we went to target yesterday ,and i bought a lot of stuff well not as much as you think just a few.

Afterwards we went over our cousins house to sleep over. I hella enjoyed though, ILY JEHN. We been talking bout some personal things while we were waiting for our parents to leave,errrrm. So like after a while my parents left , then us cousins went to the mall . We didnt really buy anything thou cause we only went to have fun instead of sitting down and watch T.v the whole day.

Confused?!Um i really dont know if i want to go back to the philippines, im having a hard time to decide. Even when i got so much things blockin crap , my head might explode.For now i will go back cause i left my heart there, ya feel? mmm. And its hard if i just keep it hanging.

ps.MORE PICTURES will be uploaded soon.