whoa whoa whoa. Hold on man!

For the past few day i havent been on line. busy busy busy.

Well i got a new digital camera , YAY ME and thanks mommi. It started off over at walmart , we were eating Mc donalds, a couple of miutes after my mom called and told me to go over the electronics, then im like what ?! is this really happening ,is she really gonna buy me a new digi. Oh heck yeah she is, so me and my twin sister went over there hella rushing our ass off . we were waiting and waiting then she arrives , aha. Then im looking at the digis ,picking looking and happy.i picked one with a kodak brand. cool looking but i dont really see as much people holding a digi kodak, hey atleast its wide screen and 10. somthing mega pixels.

todays justin's 16th birthday . Happyyy happpy! Nothing special at all , just a simple celebration ,food friends were spaghetti , ice cream and this pork thingy. DELIIII! we went out for a joy ride after a while cause it was like so dang hot in the house and its like so much more colder in our truck. WEIIRD. Few rides after we went to a spin in our old neighborhood, then my dad told me to get my old classmates number (victoria). Fortunetly she wasnt home but her dad was ,so i just asked for her number from her dad. Hope we can see agaiin thou((:

The previous day my parents had a day off yesterday we went over our cousins house , FEMI! what a cutie patootie ,shes hella adorable that you can eat her all up. sounds good right((: . pictures ? just click HERE