Here i goooo

So we took a trip to Zambales last friday.but this is just a late post cause ive been busy the past days.

We left around 1:00 in the afternoon.meaning i didnt attend school.Before we left for zambales we went to Licsi to pick up our other cousins,when we got there im like "what the HECKK were taking two vans" haha. someone from the backround spoke and said ISNT IT OBVIOUS?!

After a few while we got tidy.i was talkind to my gayyy cousin and asked her who were the people in the other van,he said mostly boys were in their&including like ano,an dun sha bakit sha sumama?? i was hella surprised,shocked&freakin amazed .

After a few while we all fell asleep,then woke up .i kept asking mama cita "are we there yet" .OO malipit na .im like it sure doesnt look like it.ima skip a few chapters and go ahead when we were in the palenke.once we got there ,i felt discuted by the meaty/fishy smell or whatever it was.we bought some snacks then went back into the van

The sun was rising down when we were almost there.i took my cellphone out of my pocket and played some songs.Momment of Truth was playing and my younger xousin was singing.when it came to the chorus he said i want to miss you my wallet.. DAYUMMM ,iwas like hella blursted out laughs,hahaha.if you were there you would laugh really loud.

Two hours we arrived mabanglit zambales where my grandma haved lived.FINALLY! ,where here yeashhh.we got down and ate.we sang kareoke and had fun.few hours we left to go to the house of my grandpa,where we were going to sleep.we brought our things upstairs and changed to our and my cousin kim went downstairs outside to play spin the bottle.
there were only two girls playing which was me and this girl kristina playing.GOSH,she was such a slut,ewwwness.

After we played i went upstairs a slept.the next morning around 9:00am we left the house to goto mama citas house.we ate breakfast there ,i really didnt like what they haved served there though.we waited for almost 3 hours untill we went to the beach.the beach we went to was at eba resorts.yeah the view was gahhhreat.speally when that guy was there.harhar.

we been in the beach for 6 whole hours.i didnt feek right cause i forgot to bring clothes,basically i was soakin wet like skipping to Sunday.that day we were leaving to go back to pangasinan.&& befor we left we had to eat and take a bath first.after all that shizz we left zambales,there was traffic but not really much cars.When we got to makati we stopped in this one place to eat some merienda,we had tuba juice which was so gross&chicharon which was kinna tasty.

After an hour we arrived to manaog.The whole trip was @ok,and i want to do it again next year.