our first stop was in dagupan cause we had to get my parents ,it kinna took a while till i got a text message saying blahblahblah i forgot.haha,so it was alredy 10:00when we got there.we looked around then bam we saw my parents on the corner like they were hoboes asking for a spare of change haha im kidding,thats not possible cause the had some lugeges meaning im desperate brng me home with you haha.

it was around 10:40when we got back to manaoag.i been texing regine saying "dude where are you where here now and dont forget my qtips" i been waiting with no reply ,i asked my mom for her phone so i can call her but no answer.i spotted her mini van but im like yeah maybe its her cause shes the only person i know who owns a mini we werent really sure ,we passed treats with the mini van parked in the lot. we went to the othe side where the sale bbq ,my dad bought some and was like you wanna wanna wammma wamy eat some, my respons whatttt??
tita mabel called reg ohone and she answered,she told her that we wwere gonna go home first cause it was still early.

11:10,we arrived ,then we went down and ate as a family my grandma was still sleeping so typically not really.i didnt like the bbq that my dad has boughten ,it had some freakin bones in it,what kind of bbq is we ate and talked for a while untill it turned 11:30

around that time we left the house when we go to manaoag there was a bunch of people there,whoaa.i went to regine and asked when did people start getting here,she said like few minutes befor you got here.

we waited and waited untill 1:oo .the bus is already here FINALLY!we all went into the bus .i was in bus #6 with regine mixed with some juniors .a few minutes later the had us pray the rosary ,and kuya carlo leaded.the whole trip was really tiring thou ,i thought i wouldnt actually sleep but i was wrong.the thing i mostly hate about the bus was when it was freakin cold as ice !!!!!i should of brought my blanket to warm me up.

then we had a few stops .after we had another when we stopped in chowking.i had to take a dump that time but no not really.haha,the only thing i bought was nachos,holy cow those where so deliscious i swear to my chaiirs right beside me.haha,but i didnt pay for it thou reg one condition i had to free her in starbucks which was alot different ,it was mor expansive.i should of bought 2nachos!

Bioresearch was i really hated that one,we had to walk the whole way when the temp was so freakin high!dude it was really tiring.the only thing i liked there was the parrots and was so cute.

lunch at bluewave was next.we were gonna eat in the chinesse restaurrant but it was closed .we looked around till we saw starbucks.we bought the biggest size at the cost of 100 plus .igot the stawberryrasberry flavor and reg go the chocolate chip cream,same as pat.guess what was the best about starbucks,PIZZAHUT WAS NEXT TO IT.haha we had hawiian pizza flavor.yummmm(:

oceanarium was so awsome,there was much more to see there,it kinna reminded of san rancisco bay too.the dead end was the souvenier shop and the games thingy.hah,watching reg play games is funnnnayyy.i really enjoy the fresh cool air there .haha

the sm wasnt as cool as i expected ,atleast i got to buy somthing right.but then again it rained .turn to wonder around whereever she wanted,our first stop was in krispycream then burgerking.thats it .she didnt want to go anywhere else.after we waited for our busmates till the bussses arrived.

STARCITY,was alright but would be better if the rollercoasters were working.why did it have to rain thou ,why??! ugh.. we went to one of the hunted house and guess who was hella freking out the whole deng time REGINE! haha she was heka scared .whats the point its just things popping out man.haha she even made me pee on my pants for a while but ididnt.after was snow world,i cant believe how the actually made snow there like it was actually real.bumperrrcars,we rode on it a million time.i like when you bump into people that you dont even kno.iwas like reg lets go fast and bump them heka hard.haha ,after allshe didnt kno how to stir the wheels.haha what a loser.the boat thingy was gross,it made me wanna throw up and i never evert want to go threw that again

my first fieldtrip here was such a BLAST:)